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We at ExCapsa Group are all about risk: minimizing companies’ risk by providing a decent capital cushion; taking calculated risks to maximize investor clients’ upside potential, while minimizing downside risk by conducting thorough due diligence; utilizing existing financial products to insure against exogenous risk.

Our financing practice taps our deep experience in the capital markets and understanding of corporate finance to create an optimal capital structure for each client.

Our services range from Capital Advisory/Investment Banking to Direct Investing to arranging Insurance Services. We help companies raise capital from our network of investors, sometimes investing directly into our client companies, and offer insurance products through a network of agents to mitigate physical, key-man, and liability risks. We advise our clients on how to raise capital in various stages of their development, beginning from early (seed) stage all the way through late-stage private and IPO financing. Additionally, we provide services for estate planning, key man insurance and life insurance, both for clients and as a means of expanding our investor base.

Every client is given firm-wide commitment, but senior coverage is the hallmark of our client service. The dedication of our firm, combined with broad relationships with capital providers and other financial intermediaries, enables ExCapsa to be a major contributor to you and/or your company.

Our clients are not just clients; they are our partners, our customers, and our lifeline. Their success is our number one priority.