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Celestial Medical’s cutting-edge technology is on the brink of revolutionizing radiotherapy by leveraging AI-enabled robotic radiation therapy to more accurately target tumors and cancerous cells, and subsequently, reduce healthy-tissue damage by up to 50%. The technology’s accompanying platform facilitates streamlined and automated treatment planning.

Although radiation therapy has been a highly-used form of cancer treatment since 1956, radiation technology has undergone several evolutions. Today, 60% of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy, and although it can be highly effective, radiation therapy, in its current state, is not without risk. Celestial Medical has developed the next generation technology, specifically designed to mitigate damaging side-effects many radiation patients receive. Although still technically a startup, Celestial Medical’s Galileo 4π radiation technology is already generating waves of strong interest among clinicians and patients, alike.

As of 2014, the External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) industry was valued at $4.9 billion and projected to cross the $8.1 billion threshold by 2019. The industry is poised for a disruptive company, like Celestial Medical, to make a lasting impact, especially as medical providers begin phase out older machinery and introduce newer solutions. In fact, BCC Research predicts 38% of all radiation units will need to be transitioned out between 2015-2025, opening a significant opportunity for the Galileo 4π.

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