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ExCapsa client memomi

The ExCapsa Group team is always on the lookout for promising technology with the potential to transform industries for the better. MemoMi Labs, the latest addition to the ExCapsa Group portfolio is poised to revolutionize digital shopping experiences and we are eager to see its impact on retailers and customers, alike.

MemoMi’s proprietary Memory Mirror enables shoppers to get a sense of how clothing will look on their bodies – without having to trek to stores to try on the items in person. Using the Memory Mirror, shoppers create personalized avatars that are unique to their shapes, thus enabling them to better understand whether a specific piece of clothing is really a smart purchase and, subsequently, saving them time and energy often wasted on the endless cycle of ordering and returning when clothing does not fit properly.

With MemoMi, customers no longer have to choose between the convenience of online shopping and the practicality of trying clothing on in stores; MemoMi Labs’ technology delivers a customizable and convenient shopping experience in one platform. This solution has already commanded the attention of major players in the retail space, including: Marc Jacobs, Neiman Marcus, and L’Oreal.

Included below are a few key investment highlights:

  • MemoMi’s revenue model boasts a 90% gross margin.
  • Memomi has amassed 11 issued and 8 pending patents.
  • The team behind Memomi Labs and the Memory Mirror technology have self-funded since 2013 and are bringing their product to the forefront of the investment world for the first time.
  • With partners including Intel, Adobe, IBM, and Corning, Memomi Labs is poised to enhance the sophistication of its technological offerings to create even more streamlined shopping experiences.