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Capital Advisory/Investment Banking

At ExCapsa Group, we specialize in helping companies raise capital. Whether you are at seed, angel, or venture capital stage, we can help.

Raising capital to fund your company’s growth can be hard –especially if you don’t fit in the usual boxes, or if you lack the specific pedigree for which seed investors and venture capital typically look. Whether you do or not, we will give your company a fresh look and work with you to articulate your story so that investors can hear your message.

We have thousands of potential investors in our network, and can connect you to thousands of other investors in other networks, as well. Our broad contacts with various types of investors enable us to find the right kinds of investors for you.

Typically, we conduct due diligence on your company. Your business has to make sense for any investor, but there is a wide range of investment criteria and what may be less suitable for some could be very suitable to a different kind of investor. We will take it upon ourselves to ascertain what sort of investment profile your company fits and we will help you find the best investment capital.

We remain committed to providing the best advice possible to maximize your chances of getting the best-fitting investment capital. This can include strategic and operational consulting, investment communications strategy and presentation assistance. We will apply our experience in working with hundreds of companies and their investment messages to craft the best message for you. We aim for the highest possible quality and are passionate about helping our clients to reach their goals.

As an independent party, we develop a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s situation, analysis of needs, and financing strategy and plan. Our hands-on approach enables our clients to continue to run their businesses and meet their projections, which is a critical factor in successfully attracting financing sources.

  • Equity and Debt Financing
  • Private Placements
  • Recapitalizations
  • Debt Placement
  • Commercial Debt
  • Project Financing
  • Sale Lease Back Deals
  • PIPE’s

A hallmark of ExCapsa Group is our forthrightness and candor. If we do not think you are ready, or are not right for us, we will tell you. But if you pass our due diligence, we will take you to our investors and help you fund your company, as well as stay with you and help you find resources to help you grow.