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Direct Investing

As an advisor to growing companies, ExCapsa Groups sees a wide range of deals and we invest directly in a select percentage of those deals. We will always be very open about our involvement with any company, at any level, to eliminate any conflicts of interest.

We don’t invest in all industries, but we are opportunistic and open to a wide range. We look for growth, competitive advantage, and most of all, ability to execute. Many people can spin a good story, but delivering on growth and profitability targets takes a special chemistry among a team of people.

We prefer companies that have demonstrated product and customer base, at least in initial stages. We will certainly look at earlier stage companies, but we find customer validation to be one of the most powerful tools for understanding target companies’ potential.

While we do consider ourselves industry agnostic, we tend to favor companies that benefit from significant changes in the operating environment, either via new technologies or new business models. For example, we have recently been looking at companies involved in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, e-commerce, education, globalization, etc.

As with our capital advisory clients, we bring our considerable experience and contact bases to support our direct investment clients. We particularly look for investment targets where our capabilities and network can help accelerate growth.

Most importantly, investing in businesses is about people. We look for companies in which management works well with other people, both internally and externally. We are believers in team efforts. We like to invest in managers who know how to find the right people, engage them and harness their collective creative efforts. We are also fans of continuous learning. We don’t have all the answers, nor do we expect our investee companies to have all the answers. Enjoying the process of working together to find the right answers is what we are all about.

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